High on the walls of memories that we built,
I saw the ways of the new break the seals
of blues, of greens, of crimson reds;
of the rainbows we pour high the walls

The days that we thought our old souls will be drowned
in the sea that we begged to pray ‘ the shore
We sailed more and more on grandfather’s boat;
with the hope that the winds hold us mild

Many months came and left and the walls still grew tall
from our cries and our laughs and our downs.
Kept colours and many shades that lie to us at sight
till our rainbows knew nothing but its death

Mother said to me once that my love knew no thorn;
that it flows like rivers seeking home
in the nights on the boat I thought this is the end
of my rivers that has come to be a lake

Laying afloat is the bits of the boat and its sail
and the most of it all drowned by sea
We said goodbye to find home all again
of green, of red, to fill our walls

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By Lolade

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14/09/2019 12:39 pm


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