Bidding Farewell

I was never a saint;
I started as a naive child,
with fantasies way above my head
Mommy used to say that’s the way she was born
an innocent sinner with an innocent face

We started as children with innocent plays,
with drama meant to entertain everybody
Indeed, we entertained our bodies;
touching, kissing, sucking – all parts of our plays
And though we sinned, I was innocent

Then I discovered the lies in mother’s words;
pregnancy don’t fly in a boy’s touch
But as soon as my body began to transform,
mother’s words became life which drugs helped to kill
Still, after swallowing drugs, my face remained innocent

Then came the day all changed,
the day the unkind flames melted my skin
People said I was lit up for stealing,
an occurrence I no longer remember
The last words I heard were, “such an innocent face!”

My waking was months later
with the new look surgeries have gifted me
The fire took more than my skin and my old soul
My new wild face screams a different me through the mirror
I hope I’ll be bidding farewell to the past – and everything that left with it

Bidding Farewell
Bidding Farewell
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By Precious Sokwaibe

A writer filled with wild imaginations; a mind ready to travel across borders to touch lives

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Chijioke Onuchukwu
Chijioke Onuchukwu
30/04/2020 10:05 pm

This hits differently.

Precious Sokwaibe
Precious Sokwaibe
30/04/2020 10:30 pm


30/04/2020 10:45 pm

Wow! Nice one

Emerald Gurl
Emerald Gurl
01/05/2020 6:36 pm


Jesse David
Jesse David
02/05/2020 6:44 am

Lovely piece…

Abishag Serwaah Kohl
Abishag Serwaah Kohl
26/06/2020 6:21 pm

Wow, this is a wonderful piece

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